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Great Read.

Spelled (Amethyst, #1) - Kate St. Clair

I enjoy fun, short reads. This novella was exactly that!


I love how the opening chapter slowly is revealed throughout the book, especially at the end! Besides that opening chapter, "Spelled" starts pretty normal and that works so well because you really get to know the characters and then there is this smooth transition into the witch aspect that feels very natural.


First off, Luke was adorable of course!


Gosh I need to make some Cinnamon-sugar cake and I wish Luke's Aunt and Uncles restaurant was down the street! Oh and I wish there really was magic tea.


I thought Kate St. Clair did a great job at bring the reading into the story, the dialog felt very real and natural. I enjoyed the characters she created and the plot flowed very smoothly.


My only complaint is the size font of the book, it has to be size 10? Gosh hard on the eyes.